Assurance and financial reporting

Assurance and financial reporting

HM performs efficient and effective audits to meet taxation and other reporting deadlines. Work of the representant is based on a clear understanding of the singular aspects of the client's business, management philosophy and goals, and the environments in which it operates. The representant constantly monitors opportunities for improvements in the representant's client's financial reporting and control structure, and proposes means to enhance its profitability and global competitiveness. The auditing services of the representant include:.

- Auditing of financial statements and reporting that conform to statutory and other relevant reporting guidelines, fulfilling compliance requirements and maximizing the credibility of financial reports. - Coordinating the audits of clients' local and overseas operations through the representant's central office and on-site teams - Evaluating internal accounting and operational controls, targeting potential improvements to safeguard and control resources. - Reviewing controls over computerized management information systems. - Executing operational audits to assist new business in achieving their corporate growth strategies. - Producing specialized audits and reports, including audits for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listings and litigation purposes. - Performing annual account audits of organizations such as trade unions, owners' associations, non-profit entities and others to ensure proper utilization of resources and credibility of the accounts .

T H E B E N E F I T S.

As a result of the network you have at your disposal, all the technical skills and expertise frequently required to advise on issues throughout the state, together with local business contacts and information on opportunities available. By use of the network we are in an excellent position to advise you on such subjects as..

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